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The Doctor Is In

Oct 28, 2018

This week, Mandip Gill (who plays Yaz on the new season) calls up for a chat and we talk everything from the emotional impact of shooting Rosa to the possibilities behind a RuPaul's Drag Race / Doctor Who crossover episode! We also discuss the finer points of companion to the Fourth Doctor, Leela, and address the fact...

Oct 21, 2018

Maude Garrett and I used to host a gaming show on Aussie TV, and haven't caught up in years. Imagine my shock when I saw that she was hosting the New York Comic Con Doctor Who Q&A with Jodie, Chris Chibnall and exec producer Matt Strevens! Maude and I talk all things Who, and I take a look at the utterly magical (and...

Oct 14, 2018

This week Paul talks with Janet Fielding (who plays Tegan Jovanka, companion to the fourth and fifth Doctors), and in the process, throws his future father-in-law somewhat under the bus. Also, a look at Captain Jack Harkness, Who news, and more!

Oct 5, 2018

Welcome back to The Doctor Is In! To kick off season two, Paul chats with Jodie Whittaker live from New York, and gets into the nitty-gritty of how she collaborated with showrunner Chris Chibnall to create this new incarnation of our beloved Gallifreyan hero. it was a hell of a fun time and we're sure you'll love...